Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Re alignment

I can't believe its been almost a year since i've written on my own blog. Shame on me. So much has happened like adding a CHILD to our family! JGP made his appearance on June 21, 2006. I would include footage of the event but due to the time element of the clip and the graphic nature of the content, certain restrictions have limited the author's ability to do so. But i have included a couple photos of the Prince and Princesses of our little kingdom.

I'm not going to even attempt to catch up the past year at this point, i will however attach an excerpt from a journal entry i made a couple nights ago...

The other day I was sitting at the desk doing some work and the girls were playing in the living room. Madison had donned one of her Princess dresses that Auntie DeeDee bought her back in the Fall while visiting. She has five of which at least one if not two or three are worn daily. The Little Mermaid Wedding dress is by far the favorite of late. In the beginning the Little Mermaid dress, complete with tail, was the favorite and still the 1A choice. Leah wears them on occasion or when asked to by Madison to complete the scene going on in her mind, which by the way, is a constant, fluid drama. Leah is generally one of two Snow White’s and occasionally “Sleepin’ Booty”. So, there I was at my desk and Jameson needs a diaper change. I summon the nearest princess, Princess Madison the mermaid preparing for matrimony to Prince Eric or some such, “Madison, will you please go get brother a diaper for me?” To which she nods and hops away in the direction of his room. After just a second or two she quickly returns, curtsies (as only a 3 year old can) and replies, “Yes, your Madschstedy” and quickly scampers away to retrieve the diaper. I was, to say the least, stunned…and then I thought, you know, that’s more like it! This whole Princess thing could actually work to our advantage.
A few days ago, it was almost lunchtime and I was getting ready to start to prepare the noon ritual (with Madison the ritual being macaroni and cheese and whatever else). Not really wanting to make mac & cheese for the 4th straight day I posed them the question, “What do you guys want for lunch today?” The reply should have been expected but for some reason caught me by surprise…Madison says, “Ummm, I’ll take a macaroni sandwich.” Yes, I contemplated it…no, she didn’t get one.
One thing that also needs mentioning here is really just one word. Madison has been saying this for a couple months now and I just don’t feel the need to correct it since its just so cute when she says it. In fact, she said it tonight while she and I was going to the store to get some “grosheez”. We had just pulled out on the street and I was flipping through some radio stations and Michael Jackson (yeah, I know) was on the station that was playing while I was skimming. She’s over there just groovin’ and stays “Dad, I like this musgick” which always makes me smile.
Leah is definitely another reason for me to begin writing again. She is just quietly nonstop comedy. Its not so much what she says, but how she says it. It’s the way she moves or the facial expressions or the sounds she makes. Speaking of groovin’ this girl is just freaky funny. Some commercial will come on, or some movie they are watching, or music we are listening to and she’s just doing her thang. It is so funny, and she knows it, but if she catches you watching she just giggles and runs away.
Jameson is crawling, but only when he has to. Its really funny, he’ll sit there and wail until he realizes, “Well I guess no one is buying, so I guess I’ll have to do this myself, BUT I’M NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS! AND BELIEVE ME, WHEN I GET THERE I’M LETTING YOU KNOW!” He’s also beginning to realize that his crib is not prison, or if it is, maybe he’s come to like it, or at least come to terms with “Well, I’m not getting outta here, my pleas are not working, so I guess I’ll make the best of it.”


Bag Blog said...

I can see how you would like this prince and princess thing. Someone has to be the King or ruler. Hmm, who would that be?

Second children are always amaizing. They are easier going, funnier, and maybe even smarter because the learn the ways of the older child sooner. Jesse was so different than Bo. She was the actress, the comedian, the independent one. She could make her opinion known with her facial expressions - mostly the eyes and she definitely had an opinion. And the things she said - outrageous! By the way, I am a second child.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Well. i must admit, being king has its bennies. Fortunately, we don't live in a dbl. wide, so the song "She is the queen of my double wide trailer" doesn't completely apply, yet, the polyester curtains and redwood deck deck in the song do have some twisted etheral appeal.

kevin palmer said...

I really enjoyed reading stories about the kids, but the pics! the pics are always an extra special treat! Jameson has changed so much; it's hard to believe he's 8 months old! By the way, Princess Madison turns 3 in just one week! Any plans for a party?! Tamala and I saw the Disney "Divas" table lamp at Lowes a week or so ago - of course I thought of the girls. Our friends who host our church home fellowship group bought their 3 year old boy a TV but it is all designed to look like Speed McQueen (or whatever his name is) in the Pixar movies Cars! It is way cool! Of course I thought of Jameson when I saw it. I'm gettin' an ache to see the kiddies again...not that seeing you and Tammy wouldn't be special too...but you guys know where you fall in line......right behind.....the Princesses and His Royal Highness, Prince Jameson!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Yes! We are planning a luau with some good friends of ours that have a girl (turning 16) who shares Madison's birthday! Lexi actually invited Madison and hoped she could take part. So with all the families that are coming this could be the biggest party yet! I mean we're looking at maybe at least 50, so i've got a lot of cookin' to do. I'm trying to figger out how to bury a pig! The party will be on Mar. 31st. Since thats the nearest Sat. we can plan for with both families.

Yeah, Lightening McQueen (or in 3 year old "Lightenin the Queen") is a big star here at the homestead with everyone! KA CHOW!!!!!!!!!